Is Your Dentist's 'Recommended Routine' Contributing To Poor Overall Health?
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There is ONE Bacteria In Overabundance that causes Degenerative Effects On Your oral and Overall Health...
See How To Potentially Reverse The Negative Impact In Less Than 60 Days 
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Where it all begAN...

Hi! I'm Dr. B...

I'm a husband and father, a sports enthusiast and orthodontist. I've been practicing dentistry and orthodontics for nearly a quarter century and treated thousands of patients.

One of the challenges orthodontists deal with on a recurring basis is poor oral hygiene:
 * Bleeding/swollen gums
 * Bad breath
 * Painful brushing/sensitivity
It's hard to brush around those big ol’ braces. I get it! 

Yet, we see that swollen gums or poor oral hygiene slows down treatment time too. After having this conversation with patients (way too many times than I can count) that's when I realized...

Teaching our patients to brush and floss was not enough!  
They need to reduce the swelling first, to reduce the pain in order to brush better and more often.  

I began researching different options. In my studies I found that these symptoms were all connected to ONE bad bacteria in the mouth.
I experimented with different mouth rinses and other holistic methods to rid this ONE bad bacteria...and nothing worked. 
One day while conversing with another dentist I realized the real issue: How do you single out the ability to reduce ONE bad bacteria? 
Mouthwash is what we discussed as the most common recommendation. And yes, mouthwash kills bad bacteria. However, it doesn't just kill the bad bacteria...but the good bacteria too! Then he asked me an important question:
"Which bacteria grows back faster...the good or the bad?"
I knew the answer... the bad. 

That's when I realized that it was my approach that wasn't working to solve the problem. So rather than focus on killing off the ONE bad bacteria, I decided to...
Create an environment where this ONE bacteria fails to thrive and can no longer dominate!  

I started researching about the PH levels of a healthy mouth environment. How to keep the mouth in a healthy state of alkaline/acidic balance. I experimented with several different substances to create the right solution (our kitchen looked like a science lab, lol). Finally the right natural mix was established, and Dr. B's healthy gum elixir was created.

I began recommending Dr. B's healthy gum elixir to my own patients.

...I Continued To Suggest This 'Natural'  Powder, when Another Article Floated Across My Desk...
This new study showed the prevalence of this ONE bacteria in the dead tissue of heart attack victims.
The same bacteria that destroys tissues that support your teeth, such as your gums, found it's way into those suffering from heart attacks.
And so my hypothesis expanded: "IF this natural powder can change the acidic nature of the mouth and substantially reduce swollen, bleeding gums, can it help the body deal with systemic illnesses as well?"

...Can This Really Help Systemic Illnesses As Well?
So I reached out to patients and parents of patients who dealt with illnesses such as:
 - Rheumatoid arthritis
 - Diabetes
 - Heart disease
 - Even stage 4 cancer

I supplied each with a six month supply of my natural powder...

...and in their own words, each one of them saw marked improvement in their health, as well as healthier gums.   

So when a couple pregnant mothers complained they had no relief for swollen, bleeding gums due to hormone induced gingival hyperplasia, I again share what I began to call "Dr. B’s Healthy Gum Elixir".

...all claimed to have relief within days.  

As of today, we have modified the formula and continue to provide it to our patients. 
"So Why Aren't Doctors and Dentists Talking about this?"
For years, doctors and dentists have been offering products/services that help get people out of their immediate pain, which is exactly what people want; the quick-fix.
But often, dealing with the 'immediate' pain is really only treating the symptoms of underlying more damaging issues…issues that are never really dealt with...
There are lots of other medical problems that may be associated with this ONE bacteria found in the mouth as well. Yet, many dentists are not trained to look at how the rest of the body and systemic illness may be connected to the mouth. Worse, there seems to be a major disconnect between the dental community and the medical community in this arena,  driven by large insurance companies, and it's sad.
In most cases, people only receive a 'mask' for the real problem; a deeper problem there hasn't been a potential solution for… until now...

Your mouth is designed to be the first line of defense in your overall body’s systemic health, and so it is given tools to be that defense...

Specifically - bacteria.

In your mouth you have good bacteria and bad bacteria.

And what no one is doing is telling your poor oral hygiene  most likely comes from a 'bad bacteria' overgrowth.

And that overgrowth of 'bad bacteria' is most often lead by Porphyromona Gingivalis.
Porphyromona Gingivalis:  Referring to a group of oral inflammatory infections which is created by pathogens on film of teeth, causing decay in tooth-supportive tissues (aka: gums and other tissues).

While the plaque that lives below the gum-line has more than 500 bacterial species, research shows that Porphyromonas Gingivalis is the major causal agent that contributes to periodontitis (swollen or puffy gums, oftentimes called gingivitis, with associative bone loss), leading to the destruction of the gums (directly or indirectly).
When measured, this 'bad bacteria' has been shown to be in overabundance in the mouth of people who suffer from:
  - Covid 19
  - Cardiovascular Disease
  - Diabetics
  - Alzheimers
  - Cancer patients
  - Plus Autoimmune Disorders such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis

This bacteria is not meant to be in the organs of the rest of the body.

But what is often seen is an overgrowth in the mouth and thus it repeatedly shows up in people with the systemic illnesses listed above and more.

And this is why Dr. B's Healthy Gum Elixir is making a HUGE difference.
...How does the bad bacteria get in the organs of the body?

It follows your food into your digestive tract. 


It enters the blood supply if your gums happen to bleed when you floss or probed by the dentist.

So What Is Dr. B's Healthy Gum Elixir, Exactly?
Dr. B's Healthy Gum elixir is a Naturally Occurring powder that you add to water & Use 2-3 times per day.
Everything in Dr. B's Healthy Gum Elixir is naturally sourced in its simplest form: No GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly.
This isn't changing your current habits - simply use after brushing 2-3x per day for 60 days to create a healthy oral environment.
In their own words, customers with health problems ranging from swollen gums to systemic illnesses are seeing astonishing results.
How Do You Use It Exactly?
Add 1/2 teaspoon powder to full water flosser reservoir. Shake mixture well. Use water flosser as directed between teeth until empty. May be repeated.You may also swish around for 30 seconds after use then spit water out. Do not swallow. Do not rinse or eat afterward for at least 20 minutes. For best results, use twice a day, morning and prior to bed for at least 60 days then use once a day for life. Most effective before bedtime. Use as an adjunct to routine brushing and flossing.
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-bearing compound. It is naturally found in small amounts in plants such as vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and some animal products. Sulfur compounds are found in the human body and may play a vital role to form and maintain different types of structural tissues of the human body. This includes connective tissues like articular cartilage, skin and gum tissue.*
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HERE's Another POWERFUL Testimony from mY own practice...
One of the many challenges I have witnessed in my practice is parents or adult patients who have struggled with a particular recurring problem...

Swollen or puffy gums, oftentimes called gingivitis...

And if there is associated bone loss, it's often referred to as periodontitis

A good friend had been diagnosed with gum disease called periodontitis.

Knowing only traditional methods, at the time, I cited the need for, “deep root scaling and planing by quadrants” and recommended him to a Periodontist. 

He followed my advice.

Six months later, he had spent thousands of dollars only to be told by his Periodontist that his problem could only be maintained, not improved.

He called me and we talked about the natural powder as a potential solution. He began using it.
Six months later, the same Periodontist who diagnosed gum disease a year earlier looked down in amazement at gums that were healthy and were not bleeding when probed.

But more shockingly, most areas where bone had been “lost” seemed to have been reduced significantly.  

I was excited and thought maybe it could work for other adults with periodontal disease too.

In Dentistry, you can only provide braces to people who are 'good candidates' (aka, who don't have active gum disease). Suggesting someone for braces who actively has gum disease would be a big problem to your license.

As such, I randomly chose several such patience who wanted braces but couldn't have treatment due to their active gum disease. I recommended the same natural powder.

We scheduled 6-month routinely visits to see their progress.

And 6 months we had customers returning with 'minimal pocket depths and gums that were no longer bleeding upon probing'.

Periodontal clearance was established and braces were started.
Patients have found, in their own words, "relief and improvement"  with Dr. B’s Healthy Gum elixir!
6 MONTH Supply
International Orders Available
If you wish to place an international order, simply click the button above and choose "International". However, if you need a bulk international order, contact to get custom pricing.
Dr. B and his family reside in Texas, where he runs a full orthodontic office and supports his family and community. With over 25 years of dental experience, Dr. B  provides unsurpassed orthodontic services, as referenced by hundreds of extremely satisfied patients and local dentists.

Dr. B was a highly decorated officer in the US Air Force, having served in Guam, the Gulf, Germany and across the United States. He  still remains active in the National Guard. Dr. B went on to graduate from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, a private dental school designed for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students to prepare them to practice dentistry in the 21st century.

Together, Dr. B, his wife and their 2 children enjoy the Texas outdoor life, family karaoke nights, playing family games and traveling together.
Formulated by Dr. B

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